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L’homme dans les montagnes


Nice to meet you ! 

"We are all storytellers and the way we reveal it makes a difference."

Chris Hermann

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My Story

Passionate about philosophy, psychology, technology, adventure and nature, I have always brought my GoPro or drone with me on my different journeys to crystallize magical moments and make them resonate in time.
Open-minded, curious, an active listener and challenger, I like to take different perspectives with my drone as in life to grasp and understand other points of view. 

Starting my professional career as sales in the Cloud Communication Services in Hong Kong (VEGA), I wanted to understand the decision-making process triggered by digital marketing. This brought me back to Brussels to work for a marketing agency (Blue2purple) then for one of the main publishers in Belgium (DPG Media). After 5 rich years of learning experience, I started working as a freelance in 2021 focusing on digital marketing for change makers. This direction gives me meaning, pleasure, recognition and retribution. 

In parallel, the rise of aerial films and pictures possibilities has brought a new dimension to my world and I am eager to share it professionally.

To that end, I have passed all the drone certifications (Open A1/A2/A3 and Specific) with the "Ecole du drone", followed the program "Aerial Video A to Z and Aerial Photo Pro" from the Drone Launch Academy in 2022 as well as strengthened my post production skills. I am grateful and thrilled to offer aerial drone services including Events, Marketing and Real Estate Photography, Filming & Editing. The certifications process taught me the air and ground rules, the risks and safety procedures as well as flying techniques to ensure smooth piloting and capture amazing footage.  

Your story is important! The content you reveal is going to make a change...  I help you make that change.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!


A1-A3 OPEN Certification Credentials
A2 OPEN CATEGORY Certificate credentials
Specifique Formation Drone Certificat.png
Specificique Formation Certificat 2_.png
Specificique Formation Certificat 3.png




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