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Drone sur une rivière


Welcome to the Drone photography services section

Aerial content is an effective and affordable new way to engage your target audience, enhance your brand identity or the perceived value of your real estate and capture memories. 

So why wait? Let us help elevate your brand, event, or property with our aerial photography services.


Contact us today to start your journey to new heights.

Aerial Drone Sectors

1. Events 

You are organizing your own private event or for a corporate, public, humanitarian entity such as:

  • Weddings

  • Festivals, Concerts, Shows

  • Staff parties 

  • Ceremonies

  • Sports/Games contest

  • And more

And you want to get aerial high quality photo and video raw or edited to remember or showcase your unique life moment. 

Pricing on demand - depends on the services requested (production, post-production, digital marketing support), the location and time needed for the mission.

Drone Photo Corsica Sea Wedding  Nature by AirManno photos & videos
Lion Waterloo 1080x1080 (9 sur 9).jpg

2. Marketing

Enhance the customers perceived value of your brand, place, services, products or team with drone photography and videography content such as:


  • Product videos

  • Showcases and Exhibitions

  • Brand image uplift

  • Promotional videos 

  • Behind the scenes

  • Company introduction

  • And more

Pricing on demand - depends on the services requested (production, post-production, digital marketing support), the location and time needed for the mission.

Real Estate

3. Real Estate

You are a real estate developer, real estate agent, architect or a private individual, this is for you:

  • Make the difference and stand out amongst other properties by leveraging high quality aerial photos and videos. This is an opportunity for you to stand above the crowd and influence your clients early in the buying or renting process.

  • Demonstrate the value of commercial properties with a variety of aerial angles and views. Document your guests’ experience, your flagship store(s), your location and more. Expose compelling imagery to clients, investors, or potential guests.

  • Record the evolution of a construction site from the sky over time with the exact same angles (programmed within the drone). This gives site managers and real estate project developers an easy and effective view of progress.

  • Collect stunning images or videos of your property to see it under a new light.

  • And more

Pricing on demand - depends on the services requested (production, post-production, digital marketing support), the location and time needed for the mission.

Portugal Wedding House 4 Retouched.jpg


1. Mission Preparation: 

  • Objectives and needs assessment of your goals

  • Aerial flight zone regulations check (AIP and NOTAMs)

  • Ground zone risks and limitations analysis

  • Weather forecast (Previsions, TAF)

  • Feasibility check up and alignment related to the type of recommended flights (Open A1, A2, A3 or Specific)

  • Eventual legal authorizations request (DGTA, Public institutions, Airports, local control authority, GDPR,...) 

 2. Mission Day: 

  • Meteorological Data confirmation (METAR, TAF, KP Index

  • Aerial flight zone regulations updates verification (AIP and NOTAMs)

  • Ground area observations and involved person procedures briefing 

  • Safety pilot area disposition and material check up

  • On air mission focus

3. After the mission: 

  • Media footages and photos selection

  • Post-Production photos/video editing (on demand)

  • Media content exportation and delivery on different supports 

  • Digital marketing support and best practices (on demand)

The pilot has the right to cancel or delay any mission at any time for material safety reasons such as weather conditions. 


The rates are shared to give an idea and the final price will be confirmed once the final quote is sent when the exact needs for the mission are determined. 

125€ / Hour 

800€ / Day (8 hours)

  • Can be degressive if based on a long period or recurrent in time

  • Always expressed in euros and without VA

What does the price reflect:

Taking aerial photos and videos is not only about taking off a drone, flying and taking some pictures

It follows three steps: Preparation, Production and Post-Production (if all services are requested)

  • Preparation (before the mission)

    • First contact and feasibility analysis depending on the needs and field realities. (air rules, ground and weather possibilities)

    • Taking care of the administrative and legal process if needed (DSA Authority of Air ControlDSA planner, DSA FlyPrivate areas authorization)

    • Content Strategy & Planning (Storyboard) preparation of the footages and photos

  • Production (mission day)​

    • High Quality: 4K Video footage and photos in Raw format

    • The use of cutting edge technology drone DJI Mini Pro 3 and RC smart controller

    • Briefing to involved person and GDPR, "camera law" compliance check 

    • On air mission with a fully certified pilot (Open A1, A2, A3 and Specific) and more than 100 hours of international flying experience

    • Professional Insurance in the drone sector

    • Transport transfert (included up to 20km from Brussels). If realistic, public transportation will be the first option. 

  • Post-Production (after the mission)

    • ​Editing tools expertise and licences with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity DesignerPhoto and Publisher for photo and Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro for Video. Enabling for cropping, white balance, global lighting, global coloring, targeted lighting, targeted coloring, clean up, special effect, sharpening, wrapping it up.​​

    • Access to licensed music and sound effect licence from 

*If you are a nonprofit organisation, there is an adapted rate card available. Feel free to connect for more information

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