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Get High Quality
Aerial Photos & Videos 

with a Licensed Drone Pilot.

Why Drone Photos & Videos?

Looking for a fresh and exciting way to connect with your audience, boost your brand, and crystallize special moments?

Try drone photography and videography!


This innovative approach is not only cost-effective, but it also has the power to elevate the perceived value of your brand, product, event, real estate and create lasting memories.


So why wait? Take to the skies and see the world from a whole new perspective with aerial photos and videos.


Certified Drone 

Les feuilles tropicales


  • Expert in drone regulations and safety measures

  • Experience of more than 100 hours of drone flying in various locations

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& Flexibility

Les feuilles tropicales
  • Content is king and sky is the limit

  • Time and place flexibility taking into account environmental and weather factors

  • Tailor-made mission according to your objectives and applicable regulations

  • Competitive pricing based on your needs and budget

Why Choose


360° Service

Les feuilles tropicales
  • Preparation (briefing, content strategy, aerial regulations and weather check)

  • Production (aerial photos and videos creation) 

  • Post-Production tools and expertise (photography and video editing with licensed music library)

  • Marketing Expert (advice on best practices and campaigns set up)

What People Say

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Clémentine Van Hamme

Manager Chalet Robison

A huge thanks to AirManno for his flexibility and professionalism! 

We needed AirManno services for several reasons. 

  • Located in a park in the middle of a beautiful nature with an incredible fauna and flora. We needed to show our clients Chalet Robinson with aerial views of another side of this setting, the layout of the place and the space. The aerial views are much more explicit. 

  • We do a lot of privatization of the Chalet with the catering company “Choux de Bruxelles” and we need to show what this includes (terraces, garden, ground floor, etc.), how a wedding or company party is run, etc.

  • Finally, many of our clients do not always understand how to get to Chalet Robinson, how to take the boat and reach the island. With the videos made by AirManno, we can explain to them more easily thanks to photos, videos, rushes, from near and far in high definition. The quality of the images and videos is magnificent. 

The process is simple: a briefing beforehand with AirManno, the film/photos shooting and the modifications afterwards. He is super responsive and professional with a bespoke service. AirManno also understood our different needs.


This mission with AirManno allows us to show original and spectacular images of the Robinson Chalet from the air and brings a huge added value to our work. 



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Photos from the Portugal Sea by AirManno Aerial photos & videos

Perspective is Everything

The early days of flying cameras technology and drones have brought media content to new heights. Unleashing high quality and astonishing aerial footage to showcase your event, product or property was never made so easy.
Shooting from the sky brings new angles and dynamic views that will bring the story you want to share under a new light and make people change the way they see you.

Let's get in touch to immortalize your event, property, adventures and create promotional marketing content.

Key Sectors

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Real Estate

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